Welcome to Lightnin’ Drama Group

Lightnin’ drama group exists of thriving energetic children and adults from the local community of Rainham and surrounding towns.

“So what's new? There’s loads of drama groups and schools. Erm, not like ours there isn’t.”

Montage of photos from Pop Party.
Montage of photos from Pop Party.

Predominantly we look to provide audiences with enjoyment, provide children with a hobby, keeping youngsters of off the streets, whilst raising money for local charities. Over 1000 members have come, gone

“and some have come back again when they have grown up”.

The scripts are written to provide education, motivation and self discipline in a fun and expressive way. A dedicated team of older cast members and voluntary helpers support Sue Ospreay, the Director of the group. Lightnin’ performs an annual show at the Queens Theatre in Hornchurch, generally October half term and throughout the year the group may perform pop parties, Christmas panto's adult shows or serious drama plays.

“By using drama as a means of self-expression, we can provoke debates on topics that need to be highlighted, and that are relevant to young people. Thus we can educate, and we in turn can be educated ourselves.”

Lightnin’ drama group also aims to involve and encourage members in to the community, by taking an active role in fundraising events. These can range from small scale (raffles), too a much larger scale (fetes). This also introduces members to many other aspects of the group, other than just appearing on stage. We encourage personal improvement to all members, as a new member joins we carefully monitor their development, encourage them to take responsibility for themselves, ultimately being responsible for others. Lightnin’ always has a huge cast and with members from the age of 4, we need real team players, which help to cultivate and applaud fellow friends.

We offer all members the following levels of innovation:

  • To participate in Lightnin’ productions and presentations of drama, music and dance at venues from theatres to school halls.
  • Develop their skills as actors through training and continuously growing confidence.
  • Help to direct and choreograph.
  • Discover new abilities through role plays and improvisation.
  • Learn about costume, set design, stage management, lighting and sound systems.
  • Pursue academic routes in performing arts.

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